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  Hearing Protection - Noise Awareness tools (10)

These tools are to help safety officers raise awareness about noise risk with end users and increase the compliance rate within their company.

Hint: Click the link on each item below for more information and to download.

Hearing Protection - Safety First Awareness Posters
3M awareness Posters for hearing protection

 File (pdf)
Noise Awareness Posters - Protect against noise
To raise awarness in workshops about the induced risk of noise.

 File (pdf)
Noise Awareness Poster - Protect Yourself from Noise Properly
Noise Awareness poster - Highlighting the importance of protecting yourself properly.

 File (pdf)
Optime Alert System - Know your Noise levels
Designed for end users & distributors needing to choose a hearing protection product product based on attenua...

 File (pdf)
Pocket Guide - New Noise Directive
Complete pocket guide about the noise directive introduced in 2006. Highlighting the main changes and employee responsibilities....

 File (pdf)
Hearing Loss Poster - makes you lose more than you think
To raise awareness in workshops about the induced risks of noise .  Ideal for noisy workplace to show employees t...

 File (pdf)
Illustrated noise meter with action values according to the European Noise Directive
Especially interesting for safety raise awareness in workshops about the induced risks of noise.

 File (pdf)
Regulatory Card - Be aware of the legislation
Summary of the European Noise Directive 2003/10/EC. 120 x 80mm Single Sided. Explains lower and upper exposure values.

 File (pdf)
2009-w551 3m oh hearing poster 700x500.pdf
700x500mm poster illustrating noise danger levels in dB(A) - Not branded.

 File (pdf)
Noise Awareness Poster - How the Ear works
Noise Awareness Poster - Ear diagram and noise awareness information

 File (pdf)


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